Going where RV's Can't

One of the best things about having a camper van is that you can go where regular RV's cannot. One example is going off road in Arizona near the Grand Canyon. I went with my wife in July 2019 and found that the roads in Monument Valley were too rough for RV's. They were backing up and turning around but WE could go!

It was a great experience and beautiful beyond words and the best part is we had all the conveniences of an RV with the mobility of a van.

Aside from having better reach to see what Arizona had to offer, we were also able to park in regular parking spots made for cars such as simple areas like the grocery store parking lot and the more difficult parking areas like Antelope Canyon.

Freedom, flexibility and convenience! We chose the right way to travel and it feels great.

We're working on where we want to go for our next trip. There are so many options. Top ideas for us are Key West, Yellow Stone or Mount Rushmore.

Jin looking at Monument Valley

Antelope Canyon, July 2019 Arizona

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